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Here’s a pic from @NicRobertsonCNN’s sit-down with #emanalobeidy. More tonite #ac360 10p

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2112 days ago

Here’s a pic from ’s sit-down with #emanalobeidy. More tonite #ac360 10p


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Holland2511 2110 days ago

Eman,your story has made me shed alot of tears, i think you are amazingly strong and an inspiration to women all over the world ,stay strong and when the sad clouds lift they will reveal a beautiful sky,you are in my thoughts,Anne from Ireland xx

EagleScoutMom1 2111 days ago

You and your entire family are loved by all. No one believes what your government is saying!!!

NJMontessori 2111 days ago

Your an inspiration and a hero to many around the world! Anderson Cooper, your an angel !

Skeet2113 2111 days ago

We support you and pray for your safe return to your family. Your courage is amazing.

SunLOVEit 2112 days ago

#EmanAlObeidy The world is thinking about you

Abydaly 2112 days ago

All I can say here is: Amen to that!

godro47 2112 days ago

Eman you're WONDERFUL. Stay strong. Keep faith. You are in my prayer everyday. God bless you and all your family. And thanks to Nick and Anderson, you are wondeful too. You're doing a great job.

katsndogs 2112 days ago

Eman, I long to see you smile and I know that day will come very soon. Don't be afraid.

aranoni 2112 days ago

Eman, when you get your country back you deserve to work in the new Government.And what a wonderful family you have too. You have my great respect + are an inspiration to all.

carisa69 2112 days ago

Godspeed Eman. They're a lot of people pulling 4 u. BE SAFE!!!! I hope u will be reuniting with ur family soon.

daboppo 2112 days ago

God bless you Eman. And thanks so much to Anderson & Nic following-up on your story. I pray that you will able to go home soon!

maceyr 2112 days ago

Glad to see you, Eman. May God keep you safe and strong. You are extremely brave to continue the fight, giving voice to many others who are unable. Stay safe. We are all praying for you.

SoraidaSalwala 2112 days ago

God bless you Eman, stay strong, stay safe.I have been praying for you & Millions of people are praying for your safety too

hamzatantoush 2112 days ago

we are pray for you Eman stay safe and strong you are our sister and we are proud of you

hamzatantoush 2112 days ago

Thank you Nic And Anderson for great work please hang in there show the world how Gaddafi regime is murderer

russbon 2112 days ago

Eman, you have a lot of people praying for you and you are a hero. AC your coverage/causes are truly inspiring.

greatvacaspots 2112 days ago

Anderson Cooper is the man, we need more people like him & Thanks Nick and Anderson Cooper for all your hard work.Please continue to keep her in the headlines

vonnieYRM 2112 days ago

Our prayers follow you, Eman, and your people! Anderson Cooper, you are her Angel! hank you for not giving up! You, Anderson, and you Eman!

IsaMadesclaire 2112 days ago

Eman you gave a light to the world, It is so good to see and hear you, may you feel all the love that you diffused, like rays of sun in the dark, God bless you

fiorentina5 2112 days ago

Anderson Cooper you a true hero, you stuck with this story when America had forgotten Thank you.