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My other ride's a spaceship. No really. #SFOT2

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1451 days ago

My other ride's a spaceship. No really. #SFOT2


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WhiffsofBliss 1443 days ago

Gravity is the web of spacetime itself (like the air we breathe); it exists in balance with all.

lukelvan 1447 days ago

gravity is the problem...what if gravity is not created by mass but exists in balance in space and unbalanced by objects?

annahowerski 1449 days ago

When will tickets be on sale... The dark side of the moon is a calling :)

M4rtyB0y 1450 days ago

I doth my cap to you sir. What an achievement...

gameblaster64 1450 days ago

Mr. Branson this is AWESOME.

MartinLepper 1450 days ago

Where and how can I get one?

JaqStone 1450 days ago

Way to follow your dreams and let NOTHING stop you! The only impossible thing is what you think is impossible.

zoephillipa 1451 days ago

Can I have a go? :-) Lovely photo.

ConciMangiafico 1451 days ago

Is a sansation that takes your breath away!

tradingnothing 1451 days ago

you sure like the highlife and a lowlife

THEHORSETAIL 1451 days ago

can I have a ride in you shitty other other ride.

FabioHSSouza 1451 days ago

Answer Frogner. Perhaps a sincere "Congrats" and genuine Love can be good for him.

WillFrogner 1451 days ago

What in (or out) the world would you get Richard for his birthday? This guy has everything !! I know some fuzzy dice for his spaceship

Proverbio 1451 days ago

My other ride's a wooden motorcycle...

cherbic555 1451 days ago

OK, if there is not a spare seat on your supermarine -there must be a spare seat on this amazing spaceship. ^_~ Very best wishes, always Richard

andy__uk 1451 days ago


DarkKaomi 1451 days ago

This takes my breath away.

lambright 1451 days ago

That is the most R O C K S T A R thing to say.

Opipop 1451 days ago

I can't believe we've reached a time in which we can actually say that - and it's true! GR8!

M2JL 1451 days ago

Too cool! Maybe Japan could borrow it to dump their radioactive waste in space instead. #justathought