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Hi Jason!

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1854 days ago

Hi Jason!


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Charlosaurus 1846 days ago

I have to do this some day :L

korelon 1847 days ago

lool so want to try it, at April fools day I couldn't do one trick they all caught me :/
they would tell me to stop lying that's pretty sad ha :P

RosaRobinson 1847 days ago

I have to remember that one ;)

JBANDMC4EVER 1848 days ago

OMG!! I have to remember that!! : ) LOL

rjgnyjets 1851 days ago

love it
good thinking ellen

JustArleen 1852 days ago

hahaha cool prank :P

PixieDust217 1852 days ago

Lol. this is an april fool's prank? Lol.

men7al27 1853 days ago

lol! good idea i should do it to my sister jajaja.

kamechan716 1853 days ago

i wonder what happened to the guy who owned this ride. haha! cant help but smile! :)

lauren_coley 1853 days ago

What if the joke is on the other guy and the driver isn’t really Jason….

MiriamLizO 1853 days ago


f3nt0 1853 days ago

haha!!! hi Jason!

LouiseHernan 1853 days ago

That was cool of you to post that Ellen - bet Jason will be delighted!! :)

TheCopperLeaf 1853 days ago

Very good one, will keep it for next year

Pensivepoet 1853 days ago

Hahaha! G0t yah victim!

Check dz out Ellen, last year's bday gift http://tl.gd/7ftroh

lexiiibear 1853 days ago


JellytheCat25 1853 days ago

and for an entire day that guy thinks the world just got a whole lot friendlier..

shorouk93 1853 days ago

LMAO...OMG that's a gd 1!!

audacious_lass 1854 days ago

lol lol lol

JacquiCDw 1854 days ago

BEEP BEEP! HI JASON! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS (I feel sorry for this guy).