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live in the moment.....

Lola feeding some friends..

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1607 days ago

Lola feeding some friends..


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AMY2134 1600 days ago

What a great pic

22Nayla 1601 days ago

That's a lot of friends to be fed.

AQK1 1607 days ago

What a beautiful picture. Your girls will have great memories. Your such an excellent mother. I hope you and your family enjoyed your vacation! Good luck on the book! Can't wait to read it! :)

cleskelund73 1607 days ago

This picture is cute. I am glad she had fun.

Simmy019 1607 days ago

Lola is having fun,nothings more important than that,right?

str8fromthehip 1607 days ago

fun stuff I miss the beach

Kimmmilu 1607 days ago

Wish I were you guys!!

Bedelia77 1607 days ago

You always look like you guys are having so much fun. Keep up with the pics I love them.

Radiohead1975 1607 days ago

Birds are great, they will eat just about anything you care to put down for them :-)

StarXSchizo 1607 days ago

little friends that fly!

blondie5o 1607 days ago

So cute!!!....Hope ur all having so much fun!! U deserve it!! :)

InboxUtah 1607 days ago

sooo fun. Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

djravenwolf 1607 days ago

I've never seen dark headed seagulls.. is this in Malibu?

ocenasek 1607 days ago

tell your mom to call 305 849 1829 or you can and say hello sometime.

janetz11 1607 days ago

how sweet is that.

ocenasek 1607 days ago

that reminds me of a story in the bible of the isrealites being led around in the dessert

ocenasek 1607 days ago

Thats nice how are you.

victoria__braga 1607 days ago

she's beautiful, just like her mother

Daniele_Bragion 1607 days ago

she is so cute ♥