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1879 days ago


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robertwright149 1857 days ago

the bahamas with you bro live and direct

NYJET_Prime 1857 days ago

Fans are awaiting your congratulatory tweet to Peyton.

roots421 1863 days ago

Mike, you are the man,,,,,Best wishes in all of your achievements and goals. Blessings

LIMOTLOW 1864 days ago

Mike Vick shit 10 years no fumbles! we love ya ,Keep on flying high7!

landru1701 1864 days ago

comin at cha from 757 ..Hell Ya Man..Vick is for real. Make it happen dog.

cburgess_3060 1864 days ago

Mike: I pray that you find all that you deserve. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

reginakeller62 1864 days ago

Good Luck Vick I really hope you win!!!

TheRealCharlesN 1864 days ago

I gave you my vote, and in return I know you will give us a Super Bowl. GO EAGLES!

GlennWilkie 1864 days ago

MVP this season,Superman!Shoulda' been last season!

msarphillips 1864 days ago

You Mr. Vick, are an awesome young man. I applaude u on ur endeavors and pray God's blessings upon ur life!!! Make it do what it do!!

Bymyslf69 1866 days ago

Good Luck on your endeavors God have a plan for you & no one can stop His plans. You R Unstoppable.

alluring25 1867 days ago

omg I love you!

Walsh_thirteen 1879 days ago

You gotta go with danny woodhead on the cover madden 12, you already had your cover or maybe brady?

beyutiful2u 1879 days ago

Mmmm....u look so yummy :-) And of course, if u r on the cover, I'll buy more that the usual 5 (one for me and my 4 brothers)...I'll buy double to be a blessing to others :-) So they can enjoy u half as much as i do ;-)

da_in_nm 1879 days ago

Nice MV7, you deserve to be on the cover!

LuvMeSum_Freaks 1879 days ago

Dogg, you my favorite player!! If you're on Madden 12, I will buy 2 of them Mf...ers!!!

N_C_Soldier 1879 days ago

Your not worried about the Madden Curse?

HIHNickel 1879 days ago