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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Our cameraman wore this shirt to work today. #needshirtwin #platypus

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1879 days ago

Our cameraman wore this shirt to work today. #needshirtwin #platypus


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oreos_rock 1874 days ago

I want this shirt!

caljones 1876 days ago

i love it! where did he get that?

fluffy 1878 days ago

My boyfriend has that shirt. He wears it to bug me (platypus tails are NOT beaver tails!)

dragbird73 1879 days ago

Lmao thats funny

tarabrown002 1879 days ago

Ha, Brilliant. Kinda makes you think...from which animal did the platypus evolve. I must research.

SweetShinyThing 1879 days ago

Great Prescott, I just fell in love all over again!! THIS shirt by the way is soooo much better than James Franco and Danny McBride's pair up, and that is saying a lot considering that they were expertly matched to the roles they played.

MarianoBryant 1879 days ago


Eye_Bleed_Ink 1879 days ago


pedroserra 1879 days ago

I want!

AurorVincent 1879 days ago


LobsterJustin 1879 days ago


MotanumR 1879 days ago


urus_redzuan 1879 days ago

nice one!

hichannoaya 1879 days ago

that's so cool shirt! I want one too

azurelunatic 1879 days ago


gCrusher 1879 days ago

Pretty sure it's snorgtees. Thanks for sharing. :D

neonskellington 1879 days ago

where did he get it cause i want one.

neonskellington 1879 days ago

wjere did he get it cause i want one.

Tria821 1879 days ago

OMG I love that shirt. Is that from the geek shop?