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Thanks for reading my book Denise Richards

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2149 days ago

Thanks for reading my book Denise Richards


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ColoradoFoothil 2146 days ago

ha ha yeah right - photo shop is amazing isn't it?

klunkydong82 2147 days ago

Wow, amazing indeed. And to think, that woman takes it in the ol turd cutter like a champ. Bravo.

Leahrevenge 2147 days ago


brudwiser 2148 days ago


JVahdani 2148 days ago

Proof Charlie is uh "loosing!"

raymonferrero 2148 days ago

Your book never looked so good Gary.

tdcool1 2149 days ago many kids and still smokin in a string kini!!!!!

bushwicked75 2149 days ago

It like you don't even noticehis face on book. Just jealous booey.

danielsking 2149 days ago

That is the closest your face will get to her lap

RoadKingJeff58 2149 days ago

OMG eat your heart out Howard!!!

KurtzCol 2149 days ago

Looks like there is still a lot of book to read!Good PR move!:>) Denise,you look amazing! LOVE! ck

Gymratgeek 2149 days ago

Denise, Howard's book is bigger.

DoubleH613 2149 days ago

Who the hell noticed the book

brianf109 2149 days ago

Did you sign it for her??

vp23 2149 days ago

Your book never looked better.

Chadrose69 2149 days ago

It took me a few minutes to even realieze you were reading a book!

darthjim65 2149 days ago

So fn beautiful