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Nobody sees the baby without ID.

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2029 days ago

Nobody sees the baby without ID.


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ameliayk8 1994 days ago


GabiMeireles 2007 days ago


jenniferlocklea 2021 days ago

i have 2 pit bulls and they are the same way over my 4 month old!!!

lformaggini 2022 days ago

fofo de mais

CoritaCroqueta 2024 days ago

Aaaaawwwwwww... jejeje

mommyinseattle 2025 days ago

I think they should do a strip search, maybe even a body cavity search, before that precious, content baby is bothered.

EchellAnoos 2026 days ago


lady9bug 2026 days ago

AWW!!! The baby has it's own pair of bodygaurds!

cutieplex 2026 days ago

aw, thats cute.

SwagLikeBiebers 2027 days ago


uss_yoka 2027 days ago

Perfect knight.! XD

JaySharky 2027 days ago

That's just a doll, wait until you see how well they guard the REAL baby.

iamsin 2027 days ago

xD security dogs

nrlkhlsh 2027 days ago


f3nt0 2027 days ago

haha!! perfect!

Sopbil 2027 days ago

Aaah, awesome :D

Mooing_Llama 2028 days ago

Bahahaha!! Yeah, that sounds about right.

jbalways2001 2028 days ago


TahiraHabib 2028 days ago

Uh ohhhhh............... don't wanna mess around with those dogs and i seem to have misplaced my ID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LadyNiko 2028 days ago

Well, that baby will probably have the *best* babysitters around! :)