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Wait ’til you hear what they do to the trespassers.

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1276 days ago

Wait ’til you hear what they do to the trespassers.


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cinnamonb3ntly 1270 days ago

Ohh. thats kinda annoying! hahah

Enter_Laughing 1270 days ago

Honey Lance Armstrongs on our lawn again.........

hatznet 1270 days ago

A good One! Sounds like something #RingoStarr would say.

brilliantron 1272 days ago

Uh, the trespassers will be violated. I think some of you missed that.

lady9bug 1272 days ago

LOL!!! Can u say say "typo"!!!!!

ItsFrancescax 1273 days ago


SwagLikeBiebers 1273 days ago


JaySharky 1273 days ago

I hear rubber gloves being slapped on for those trespassers. Cavity searches all around!

f3nt0 1273 days ago

lol! can't imagine how to trespass the violators..what country did this sign?? huhu

mixaXDaxim 1274 days ago

Sign must have been made on a friday, ever1 just wanted to get the job done and party!

youcancallmesu 1275 days ago

',:| ?huh?

DuchessofBruce 1275 days ago

Stop, stand, look at it, and walk away as you shake your head.

ChristieWelton 1275 days ago

Definitely not a sign you would see here in New Zealand. Haha

audacious_lass 1275 days ago

lol was this sign placed in america? i mean english is their first lingo for God's sake!

FulviaChristine 1275 days ago

Ouch !

elinor_lngnmn 1275 days ago

hahaha..will the violators put to jail?

MadelineFan 1275 days ago

it's a game.

MsPerkyDawn 1276 days ago

So what's in store for the jay walker's in that town, will they be prohitibied?. bahaha. sry, for the spelling. ugh! need new phone.

susiebrennan 1276 days ago

This made my day (:

ricanlady6954 1276 days ago

The tresspassers will be treswhat??? Stabbed? Deported??? I don't know...