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You’d think this job was a piece of cake.

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1577 days ago

You’d think this job was a piece of cake.


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mixaXDaxim 1576 days ago

Even copied the spelling error. HOW EMBARISHMENT!!

mixaXDaxim 1576 days ago


pinkpolkadotfan 1577 days ago

That's TOO funny - someone was a tad too literal

amyeve 1577 days ago

Hispanics have an even harder time. It's a miracle they smile at us as often as they do.

amyeve 1577 days ago

For those for whom English is a second language, deciphering the hurried mumblings of unsympathetic customers can be difficult. I know this from experience; people in the service industry put up with an awful lot from customers. Hispanics have an even

DereksMom 1577 days ago

Me too . I cant believe the decorator had that little common sense. I know nothing like that would leave my bakery!

NeverSayNeverCL 1577 days ago


MsBelarus 1577 days ago


nic_ts_ 1577 days ago

And it's still not spelled correctly! Lmao

mswaichingliu81 1577 days ago

apart from the person who wrote that stuff on the cake. the second line that is.

LadyHooligan24 1577 days ago

That is Sooooooo Funny!! I wud have laught non-stop!! LOL

adrolla 1577 days ago


mmiller1202 1577 days ago

My husband took this picture! LOL! Sam's made the cake. They kept it b/c it was so funny!

Protuck 1577 days ago

OMG...I do this for a living...someone should of caught that....lol....SMH

heffermonkey 1577 days ago

I love that not only can they not follow instructions, but they couldn't even spell 'underneath' correctly unless the instructions read 'under neat that'

blushieeVonne 1577 days ago

hahahaha!! that person will be missing his/her job after this.. lol

ReijaM 1577 days ago

NO!! Laughing's killing me because I'm having a flu but I can't help it!

JordanCanning 1577 days ago

It took me a long time to figure out what happened here.

MrsEmmily 1577 days ago


anniemirza_ 1577 days ago