Bill Gates


Sharing cool things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...

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Mary_Lyyn 1449 days ago

Foto bacana

SophalMiracle 1449 days ago

U luv 2share IDEAS!U got a Generous Heart 2help Many in NEED around t/WORLD! Sharing is powerful! #fb

liih22k_ 1449 days ago

fernandinho kkkk não são brancos são grisalhos

CapivarasHD 1449 days ago

Meu tio esta ficando com cabelos brancos já.

varma_3535 1462 days ago

Awesome ...@ Gates

ExtraPile 1489 days ago

could be used for a new logo for global ( S.america,amsterdam,ect. ) internet cafes,coca tea cafes ?

Richifran 1495 days ago

Bill Gates es zurdo! bien ahí! Quedamos pocos!

MauriceFrancis 1496 days ago

Love it sir

idlikesometea 1502 days ago

Bill Gates es zurdo.

VIPChauffeured 1506 days ago

The master at work. Watch out Banksy!!

Free_Volga 1508 days ago


Yuma1966 1509 days ago

Putting your name to someone elses work, not the first time me thinks, lol good luck with the charity

Husstlemusstle 1510 days ago

Does my last question have an answer? or is it just another relative number?

Husstlemusstle 1510 days ago

How many different possible connections are possible?

ChuanpitrK 1513 days ago

#Gratitude The task is open-ended, but your effort is changing the world.

Etlarz 1514 days ago

I can do it with your support...

HalalAhmad 1514 days ago

How can I be like you? how can I be successful like you?

Roberthebarber 1515 days ago

Who its the riches man carlos. S or Bill !

Raaaayman 1515 days ago

Only stupid fun...))

mamachola 1515 days ago

There's always a first time for everything, congrats mr. Gates!..