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@tinselkorey Look who didn't pee on me :P So cute!!

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1611 days ago

Look who didn't pee on me :P So cute!!


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esra_baglan 530 days ago

GUNAYDIN :))))))))))))))))

zatinpradhan 1154 days ago

: )

drow213 1256 days ago

so sweet

Mehmet1160M 1319 days ago

looking for friends

Mehmet1160M 1319 days ago


Mehmet1160M 1319 days ago


LubaMatveeva 1556 days ago

He is so pretty!and you are very beautiful!

StefanKruiswijk 1577 days ago

So cute :)

l_jan_m 1590 days ago

Beautiful :) Both :)

ipetorres 1590 days ago

omg! so pretty cool!

Twisuck_Gil 1590 days ago

Oh My God, how can you be so beautiful?

CallMeLeigha 1593 days ago

awww, cute

JessieTAP 1598 days ago

you are so pretty!

Linda_MD 1605 days ago

Yeah! so C-U-T-E! :)

SilentLaughter9 1605 days ago

Just remembered my Discover Card has a koala on it. Maybe I can donate it to Jodelle? :-P Jk.

audreydeville 1610 days ago

Love his look! like "ok i take a picture to please u then let me get back to sleep" :)

SilentLaughter9 1610 days ago

And he didn't pee on u because he was in an angel's presence. Or saving it up for Tinsel again :-P

SilentLaughter9 1610 days ago

Awww, too cute, not sure which I'd adopt first <3 You'd both lose to a kangaroo, though :-P Jk.

Audreyobert 1610 days ago

So cute *-*
Nice picture

FrancescoPapini 1610 days ago

is adorable!!! nice picture : )