Manila Luzon


America's Next to Next Drag Superstar of Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race and drag professor on RuPaul's Drag U. Debut single 'HOT COUTURE' available on iTunes

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1854 days ago


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TytustheMusical 1831 days ago

Is that MiMi I'm First in the back??? 'mFirst #MiMiI'mFirst

MahoganyIndian 1852 days ago

Either is what I meant go say ! Lol

MahoganyIndian 1852 days ago

Want with raj or Manila to win

MahoganyIndian 1852 days ago

I effing love the heathers and two heathers are gone I Wang with raj or Manila to win!

ElOhDiosito 1853 days ago

Heathers Rule!!! Raj is so adorable

_swarm 1853 days ago

1/4 Heathers MIA. Sutan you're too fucking gorg in this photo.

sparklngangel66 1853 days ago

The Heathers RULE!!!

uhmanduhpanduh 1853 days ago


redheadluster 1854 days ago

I love that you are always plugging Pump with me! You are a fierce queen!

meheeeen 1854 days ago

damn Carmen are those real? lol is that mimi in the background?

rockyjehrrico 1854 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous!! Raja, Manilla, and Carmen I love you!!

LambertDiCaprio 1854 days ago

To beautiful for words (HEATHERS)

Secret2Untold 1854 days ago

Damnnn Manila you are so sexy!!!!! Also, Carmen looks like a real woman here.