Ashley Benson


Don't be like the rest of them, darling x

even olive can do your mirror face @shaymitch ;p

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2001 days ago

even olive can do your mirror face ;p


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McKenzieGiddens 1510 days ago

awh cute.

jlf_420 1675 days ago


onlyforbenson 1696 days ago

beautiful, i love you <3

_MariSiilva 1790 days ago


AlwaysMyIdols_ 1847 days ago

I need you more like someone needs water, I want you like I want someone one day, I love you more than anything, my love

sobellarina 1921 days ago

You're so cute in this pic!<3

Ian_Odoi 1921 days ago

both beautiful :)

IrenkaBondoni 1921 days ago

Oh your dog is so cute!

LittleJ_Mathers 1921 days ago

So adorable <3

torrr_2 1962 days ago

Awww cute ))

brendanr_ 1968 days ago


AshleyBensonFan 1985 days ago

this is adorable! [:

maryaliceblack 1991 days ago

Hahaha, aww I love the photo! *-* You both look sooo cute! Olivia is adorable <3 She got the Shay's mirror face! lol. Smart girl ;) I love you two! :) <3 xoxo

KeishPrieto 2000 days ago

Soooo cute!!! :)

leomiii 2000 days ago

Naaw! The dog is so cute!!

cheatahxo 2000 days ago

SERIOUSLY how do you and your puppy always make the same face?! adorable!

andrecullen_ 2000 days ago


LoveeMiley 2000 days ago

so cute

Agata_Felix 2000 days ago

Ownt that beautiful! ♥_♥

vihmuniz 2001 days ago

even olive can do your mirror face ;p" SOCORRO MORRI