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And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

Me and @NathanFillion spending our Sunday planning @thenerdmachine 's #NerdHQ at ComicCon 2011. Getting excited yet?

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1884 days ago

Me and spending our Sunday planning 's #NerdHQ at ComicCon 2011. Getting excited yet?


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extreamkiwi 1828 days ago


LaneyHumenik 1854 days ago

Amazing! i <3 Nathan Fillion!!! I wish I could be at that ComicCon!

MissHeatherN 1870 days ago

Heck yes! I <3 Nathan Fillion!

daphnedlcrz 1876 days ago

Awesome pic :)

belacara16 1880 days ago

Love this
It that a poker dot cover?? hahaha

TalonFive 1882 days ago

I'm speaking on behalf of all Czechies that we wish to go but sadly that's only our dream.

htranbui 1882 days ago

The most awesome pairing ever.

Cherish4 1883 days ago

So wish I could go!!!!

Xenaclone 1883 days ago

Wish I could be there :-(

Yanissa_ 1883 days ago

Nerdddddd i love youuu xD

MatejaBozic 1883 days ago

veeerrryyyy excited!!!! :D

Thogar 1883 days ago

If I didn't live halfway across the country (LA) or had a job so I could afford to, I'd go!

ticobell 1883 days ago

I'm spending a boatload of money to go to SDCC and die due to awesomeness overload. Worth it.

vdevol1 1883 days ago

In the words of any random Canadian... you betcha!!!

CeciBopha 1883 days ago

I wanna go but is so far away! Please come on this side of the world ;) (OH, USA)

artsycade 1883 days ago

and I cant wait to see you guy @ comic con!!!

fernandan 1883 days ago

I wanna goooooooooooooo!

celinda 1883 days ago

Very excited! Hope your events aren't on Sunday. Comic con is less than 4 months away!

natcfc 1884 days ago


dassantheboys 1884 days ago

OMG - My 2 most favorite people in the whole world - together!! <swoon>