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1647 days ago


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shellytennant 1646 days ago

Rofl, I saw that on COPS last night too! How would you like to be her husband/dad, Mr. Glasscock?

ziplock91 1647 days ago

what about horelick?

mustelidmama 1647 days ago

And the 12-year-old in me is right here snickering too! :-D

karohemd 1647 days ago

That's a bad thing to have...

verflucht 1647 days ago

Better than being called Mike Hunt. Or Peter File. Or Mike Cock.

psm1580b 1647 days ago

We knew a "Seaman Guzzler" in the Navy... :P

stephbystereo 1647 days ago

Lisa Glasscock + Dick Palmer = worst blind date ever

mimetic_core 1647 days ago

i'm guessing it's actually pyrex. i don't think she'd climb the ranks with some flimsy hand-blown job...

Refflection 1647 days ago

i know a community of, um, "sensuality workers" that live on a street named as such 8)

PuppyCarson85 1647 days ago

You're not alone.

shandit 1647 days ago

Omg my friend works at a collections agency and she mentioned the other day about a guys name being glasscock.. tragic.

jonleestaples 1647 days ago

That's better than Annetta Johnson.

SLockhart 1647 days ago

Yikes, that's way worse than a glassjaw.

kittycatman2 1647 days ago

I don't what to say that well..........

CDumes 1647 days ago

All I can sya is Wow!

TacomaAromaWA 1647 days ago

Those with glasscocks should not throw rocks...

The_Derf 1647 days ago

Are you watching COPS?

highflyersean 1647 days ago

lol I'm guilty of laughing at it, too, thought I'll admit the 2nd thing I thought of was "The Simpsons" :)

cindyreddeer 1647 days ago

LOL apparently I am 12 also XD

SashaVGraham 1647 days ago

Do they extend leases on it or something?