Sara Bareilles


#PROVIDENCE you are sooooooo kind. (Wink wink)

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1583 days ago

#PROVIDENCE you are sooooooo kind. (Wink wink)


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jerrysfriend 1579 days ago

Sara, can you start a trading frenzy? Release all your live shows - tapers? Or CD's/podcasts for $

Jholland29 1580 days ago

Best Concert I have ever been too! Please come back soon!!!- we will still be kind :)

DennisMercier 1581 days ago

Sara you were amazing for us! P.S. plz tell Javier and Daniel that I'm in love with them both!

Sarah_Sorensen 1581 days ago

Concert was awesome. Come back to Providence soon.

music_savvy 1582 days ago

This concert was AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!

EMOTION327 1582 days ago

we hope you enjoy the kaleidoscope fortune as well!

EMOTION327 1582 days ago

amazing!ty so much for taking the time to take a pic w/ us after meet and greet in prov. !!

Jmw268 1582 days ago

we were making a heart with our hands!

alybabee97 1582 days ago

Thanks for the amazing show sara!

Johmni 1582 days ago

Honestly; when fans do that with thie're hands it means get off the stage or sit down and shut up..

Jmw268 1583 days ago

FANTASTIC SHOW! ALSO the private show before hand was great! Enjoy the photo book and flowers! xo Jen

Tamara83 1583 days ago

Amazing show tonight!!

AngelaInRI 1583 days ago

we wanna party with you. <3 amazing show tonight!

Roo_Ntvgera 1583 days ago

wooo I love

KateeKar 1583 days ago

"im gunna bruno mars your ass!! not really sure what that means"

VRON222 1583 days ago

P.S. YOUR too kind, that concert was well worth it! <3
~Peace. Love. Music. :)

k8cody 1583 days ago

Hiya Sara~ the concert tonight in Providence was marvelous! We had so much FUN. Happy travels :)

Jenny_Jenny143 1583 days ago

No Sara... U r soooo kind ;) great concert and pre-show!!! Enjoy the photo book and flowers!

HalfPastNever 1583 days ago

Such an inpiring night. You were truly amazing, Sara. And kinda funny I guess. Thank you.

_yellowil 1583 days ago

wait for Brazil +1
we love u, sara :))