Charlie Sheen


Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

The most honest city in the world honors the most honest man in the universe

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2118 days ago

The most honest city in the world honors the most honest man in the universe


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MicheleLee4U 2092 days ago

Start your own show, Charlie.. The Charlie Harper Show :) MaSheen Productions :) xo

MicheleLee4U 2092 days ago

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

theSleepiest 2114 days ago

sad day for white people...

chef69 2115 days ago

There is a SUCKER born every HOUR!!!!! $$$$$$$

7milejae 2116 days ago

the show was bullshit. u r not a sand u comedian. ur an actor. stick with that

CaioEQUIPEBOROS 2116 days ago

I wanted to be there *--------* Charlie is #WINNING haha

julianl88 2116 days ago

If ya wanna jump on the bash Charlie wagon you can go forinicate with the trolls! #tigerblood

SleeepyDemon 2116 days ago

even if Charlie was a maniac and drug addict, he didnt take millions from Gaddafi like others did and then poorly apologized for not knowing who he was. Shame on Beyonce and others but best wishes for Mr. Sheen.

SleeepyDemon 2117 days ago

What is worse? givin a bad performance for a normal audience, or givng a good performance for a mass murder dictator?

Tarcules1 2117 days ago

Charlie Sheen if you were in it for money at least you should have some standup material? For the rest of the people please see this as "where" addiction takes you. Charlie is already dead. "May he rest in peace".

Serveta 2117 days ago

We love u here in Detroit! Forget the losers, thanks for coming out n saying by to us that waited!

lgriff4 2117 days ago

I live near Detroit, I didn't go, but it's stupid to pay for something just to boo someone.

Tarcules1 2117 days ago

The path back consists of eliminating the Gargoyles around you for they applaud your dysfunction.

Tarcules1 2117 days ago

There was no shortage of gladiators to perform at the Roman Colosseum. The majority were slaves. Even to this day,....slaves to addiction. People will pay to see the slaughter,..Charlie is extremely talented without addiction, love him. He is a slave with

MilenaJoyMorris 2117 days ago

Pay for a freak show, and you get a freak show. Don't cry about it.

madscar32 2117 days ago

Charlie,kindly reimburse your fans their money and beg for your job back! Think of your family:)

BebetyD 2117 days ago

why on earth people go to nonsense show,to reinforce his madness?he's sick

MattheewQueiroz 2117 days ago

Charlie is the biggest winner of the century. #Winning #TigerBlood #CharlieSheen