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1811 days ago


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itsKhrystine 1768 days ago

is it sad that as soon as i saw this i knew it was the same liquor store that Cher got mugged at in Clueless?!

zuni_cat 1805 days ago

just a little weird

Boys848692 1809 days ago

That is creepy.............where is this?

terri513 1809 days ago

Is this the one off Lankershim used to live right over by there lol

jodiracanati 1810 days ago

that is a scarey clown hope u do have nightmares lol

JudyC_inOhio 1810 days ago

One way to scare kids away...liquor store &, or will it?

KrystalOh 1810 days ago

That is disturbing... the smile alone makes me think of the movie "It."

kel728 1811 days ago

Dude....don't go see "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past" Sucked a big one...and I don't care how hot people think that Mathew M. is...all I can think of is he doesn't wear deodorant & must be smelly & grossing Jenny Garner out...sorry it's true!

pegahoot 1811 days ago

Where the heck is that? I need to know so I NEVER go there!

BabyUraStar 1811 days ago

ooh, yeah... I think I had a nightmare like this once....

sumrgal8 1811 days ago

I get what you mean and I've never mean much of a fan for clowns in the first place........

karebear1212 1811 days ago

im in ahere singin "attack of the killer tomotoes"attack of the killer tomotoes.. hehehe

karebear1212 1811 days ago

ohhh thats creepy that movie creeped the creepers out of me

karebear1212 1811 days ago

EVER SEE ATTACK OF THE KILLER CLOWNS!! 80s movie the clown looks just like the dude in attack of the clowns damm what a WEIRD THING MAN..look at his shoes:)

XoXJenJenXox 1811 days ago

So this is the place Joey was talking about where the man behind the counter was wearing a shirt that read "if I wanted 2 listen 2 an asshole speak, I would fart!". LOL

PJPB125 1811 days ago

That clown looks like a major Creeper...runnnnn!!! LOL

WildAngelJoy 1811 days ago

I've always found clowns creepy...this one looks demented LOL! Be scared, very scared :)

_Katie__ 1811 days ago

I saw this in a Billy Bob Thornton movie last night..he was here to get a sponsor for the Bad News Bears!

StockmanGirl 1811 days ago

I know where that's at! LoL!!!

Sonia316 1811 days ago

Wow Chris nice picture! I'm one of those drink clowns