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Soyuz rocket painted w/50 yr Gagarin commemorative.

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1947 days ago

Soyuz rocket painted w/50 yr Gagarin commemorative.


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NEVIE_JOHN 1935 days ago

Happy 5oth Soyuz ... and Congratulations in Yuri's Memory.

Kickalien 1946 days ago

Nice shot! ... thank you!

NyoroK28 1946 days ago

Wow! Super Cool!

suka0421 1946 days ago

WOW! Nice!

Daniel_Craig 1946 days ago

That´s great!

daniellameijvis 1946 days ago

Happy 50th birthday Soyuz

hatakenotanuko 1946 days ago

Only fifty years! How progressed!

takemorikubo 1946 days ago

 そゆーず 何処でみたんだろう、  筑波か  種子島  こまっちゃった。

karettop2002 1946 days ago

I don't read nor speak Russian. I do gather the gist from the numbering and the portrait of Yuri. Watched the techs assembling the escape section on NASA TV;can't believe they were using beam type torque wrenches to tighten the bolts and nuts.

ewamann 1946 days ago

-Very nice!! Lovely.

bostelan 1946 days ago

That's great!



whitekrechet 1946 days ago


alexandrepaula 1946 days ago

Wow! Very good. #Gagarin #NASA