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1551 days ago


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canders44 1548 days ago

bitter bookstore party, your table is now ready

avecvoix 1548 days ago

This pic, which I took and posted on 4/1 (Gee, Borders. Bitter much?) is at the top of Comedy today!

bikerscott 1549 days ago

no wonder brders filed chapter 11

davidleyman 1549 days ago

3rd November? Two days before 'Guy Fawkes' night? Coincidence? I think not!

snakeslacks 1549 days ago

yikes. that makes me feel uilty. i used to live nearby this one :(

avecvoix 1549 days ago

At any rate, it's not photo-shopped. There's no conspiracy theory. I just thought it was funny, so I took the pic.

avecvoix 1549 days ago

No confusion: Pics are from the Borders in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. I guess there's an 'Amazon' restaurant in Cali?

Tom 1549 days ago

Oh, nevermind. She's deleted this: " Yeah, I know. I live in the neighborhood. It's still funny!"

Tom 1550 days ago

Since can't see 's reply, apparently she lives in Cali now:

shaitanpyrik 1550 days ago

If it's a fake, it's a really good job with the reflections of the buildings, car AND the photographer overlaying the signs. I guess it's possible, I've never used Photoshop, though.

EvilWylie 1550 days ago

and -- the photos you've posted are from a California Borders, and these photos were taken at the Uptown Borders location in Chicago (4718 N. Broadway). Are you saying there is an Amazon restaurant next to both of these locations?

cearanibrid 1550 days ago

Borders might have had better luck if their store employees were able to keep track of the current year.

Tom 1550 days ago

like said, Amazon is a restaurant next door. Here's proof:

rickkettner 1550 days ago

Apparently the primary advantage of physical book stores is that they have restrooms.

TwittFame 1550 days ago

Lmao. Can't believe people think this is fake. The tape is in the top center on the yellow sign.

thebeasticle 1550 days ago

Look at the other pics in the window. This Borders is closing. No wonder they're angry with Amazon.

Callumnus 1550 days ago

Some of you really are dense. Why would she fake this?

avecvoix 1550 days ago

Not a fake, I promise. I took the pic yesterday when I walked past the store.

teknomantik 1550 days ago

Better indication of fakery: compare edges of "no restrooms" sign to the signs above.

davidrstrong 1550 days ago

I went in before Christmas and tweeted abt how it looked like Goebbels' library. Asked for large print books (for parents) and they offered me a Kindle.