Bethenny Frankel


The original skinnygirl

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Walking the Red Carpet @ The Derby

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1966 days ago

Walking the Red Carpet @ The Derby


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XuyenN 1879 days ago

very lovely pics.

TayWhiten 1907 days ago

*seersucker !

TayWhiten 1907 days ago

Love the seersucked (: & you're my fave housewife bethenny! Love you :)

2friends1blog 1918 days ago

fix yourself girl you got camel toe.

moxers 1953 days ago

love seersucker, i hope you can make it have a comeback! i have a brilliant skinny girl recipe for you! seriously!

MsDre2 1963 days ago

You look great! Saw the show last night, and I'm glad you made up with Jill! Kelly is a little crazy! I love you dry humor!! Keep Bustin Balls!!! Ha Ha!!

jrandall1980 1965 days ago

love the lolli pop

marcelean 1965 days ago

Well girlie I think that outfit called for undergarments!

lacoque 1965 days ago

Ruffles and Pink Seersucker? Brilliant!

keodi 1965 days ago

I love the hat just not the jumpsuit! it's hiding your figure!

MegCrim 1966 days ago

You look ADORABLE and FLAWLESS- as always!

ces90210 1966 days ago

Hello camel toe...yikes!

juliemeryl 1966 days ago

searsucker = life.

boch01 1966 days ago

You seem to be having the time of your life! Enjoy every moment so we can live through you vicariously! AND GAME ON WITH KELLY THIS WEEK! I can't stand that girl. I think I would have knocked her out long ago!

dpm328 1966 days ago

You look great Bethanny! I hope you give snobass Kelly hell on the reunion show! Tell her I said don't be a hater and she's not that hot!

ocourtneeo 1966 days ago

no no no!! not cute, bethanny!! way too many layers/frilly-type-things toward the top and not enough going on at the bottom!

Julesinc 1966 days ago

OMG, Bethenny, how cute are YOU! You are one of my faves!

LindseyDawnE 1966 days ago

I think you look SO GREAT!! Very Sex in the City-ish!

NYDIVA2FL 1966 days ago

Like the hat, not feeling the outfit though......... was it chilly out hint hint?!

edub127 1966 days ago

Okay...I love you so I'm gonna be honest...ready...that outfit hides your smoking body and makes pigtails look appropriate. Secondly, I'm seeing a camel toe mirage from the pic...someone lied to you, sorry xo