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ProsdoksyniFilm 2505 days ago

Jeremy visit Brazil one day, you'll like it, you are welcome !

KittyKay2244 2667 days ago

You guys are awsome! You know, you get some strange comments!! But the pic is a good one lol.

kaleogirl 2675 days ago

grrrrr.....this is after I had to miss your concert that I wanted SO BADELY to go to! Stupid work...I was so upset, I was listening to one of your CD's on my ipod while working

LauraA50 2676 days ago

Mini golf I can handle. :-)

HifromRobin 2676 days ago

Follow ME Jeremy. Please you are a good Influence on Me!

cowgirlupmz 2676 days ago

Come to Somerset, KY! :) We have a mini golf course now. LOL. we would love to have you!!

teachkerri 2676 days ago


tracydetwiler 2677 days ago

Read 'em and weep Tiger!

lavirge 2677 days ago

i love mini golf my husband and i play all the time and i usually beat him

shawnarodriguez 2677 days ago

I see this hitting the stands tomorrow on the cover of "GQ"...hahaha. My husband and I love your music Jeremy. God bless you all.

luvlyluana 2677 days ago

So, who won ?

kellygirl27 2677 days ago

No pictures of the "incredible scenery" but THIS we get to see??? :p Just messin' with ya! Looks like you boys are having fun!

gretalarson 2677 days ago


bromisadr 2677 days ago

there no golf like minigolf!

restoredbygrace 2677 days ago

Now that's golfin!