Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2771 days ago


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sylar00 2521 days ago

wow the ad on the right says rolling razor, customize the blades for your skin type

mistermarmar 2631 days ago

Ur Doin That Rong....

PauletteLovesU 2672 days ago

Tisk, tisk, tisk, WHAT A SHAME!!!

Eriesisgod 2689 days ago

That's why you shouldn't use cheap razors. I am sure you make enough to buy the good ones. If not I will send you some.

willislub 2710 days ago

aww... you got a little boo boo!

Sammy_Roxy 2720 days ago

Reminds me of the Garbage Pail Kids...good times.

redravensounds 2723 days ago

Oh ohh Al got a booboo

COREYTIGER 2730 days ago

Mashed potatoes can be your friend!

StarSlobber 2744 days ago

Uh oh; Al, stay away from forks!

splitups0ul 2755 days ago

Thats not a Mac 5 is it? five blades = dangerous :P

debthere 2759 days ago

were u shaving with a chainsaw?

AllanX 2759 days ago

Tiny Tim was definitely having a bad day here.

nikolzheart 2759 days ago


emilyhart 2764 days ago

ah yes, this is why I got a blackberry. haha

iHoon 2764 days ago

You need to be taught lessons on how to shave Lol.

kaffy 2767 days ago

That looks painful, and can't be good... lol

_writersblock_ 2767 days ago

Is it just one of those days? (They're not droppin the bomb are they!!???) *snickers*

ModeMasterMike 2768 days ago

Wow, careful there Al.

MantaNegra 2768 days ago

Reminds me of Al's 'Jurassic Park' video... "'cause getting disemboweled, always gets me kind of mad..."

guybelieberjakx 2768 days ago

Cut yourself where? The whole of the back of your head??