Sara Bareilles


How much is this number? I love Maine.

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1947 days ago

How much is this number? I love Maine.


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BronxBombers4 1942 days ago

Awesome show!!!! Thanks for braving the storm . . . come again soon!

adriananana10 1947 days ago

maine loves you! :)

kaleidoscopehrt 1947 days ago


gunitcrazed 1947 days ago

Looks like 2 and a Bug
2 legs and a head

TSIKA9 1947 days ago

In my former home state...need any recommendations?

celinabeana 1947 days ago

22!! Silly's right? Are you still playing tomorrow regardless of the epic storm?

ezzieyguywuf 1947 days ago

Looks like $2 to me, with a fancy scratch-out. "Huh? $22? But it says plain as night here $2..."

Charlie1503 1947 days ago

Yeah it's 22, why was that u?!!!

doesittastejdm 1947 days ago

it's a lobster. you have to bring in two lobsters.

mishissippi 1947 days ago

i think its 22.. BUT IM NOT SURE!!!! STOP CYBER BULLYING ME!!!! loljk im not that insecure.. or am i?

Bethanygraace08 1947 days ago

pretty sweet omg im the 1st to comment on a saras photo :D i love your song sara :)

sdsb110 1947 days ago

Subtracting two 2's from 26 gets you to 22. Clearly they're showing how they got to the new price