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The good thing is, if you mess up your gymnastics routine, no one will notice.

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1773 days ago

The good thing is, if you mess up your gymnastics routine, no one will notice.


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Karen3amRT 1762 days ago

She looks like a young Sandra Bullock. :D

victorcaramba 1767 days ago


Kayla_KTBSPAxo 1770 days ago

her outfit. lmao

SimplePlanfreak 1772 days ago

I'm not sure I get it?

MrsEmmily 1773 days ago

Well....hmmmm....maybe she should find a new hobbie,since this isn't realy working out for her.

theizzzeee 1773 days ago

well you can't say she isn't creative.

JaySharky 1773 days ago

The bad thing is, your hair isn't getting better any month soon.

FulviaChristine 1773 days ago

I bet she's brilliant at gymnastics!

MadelineFan 1773 days ago

Just improvising, it's hard to sing and dance at the same time.

twiry 1773 days ago


amyeve 1773 days ago

Don't know what the mocking is all about. Tween girls have things hard enough. This is cute.

lady9bug 1773 days ago

YIKES!!!!!!!! That is slightly frightening...LOL!! :P

topher_Chris86 1773 days ago

Am I the only one to mention her va jay jay?

RemiPaige 1773 days ago

I can't tell which has more of my attention; the mullet or the garish spandex. Bowie called, he wants his 'pants magic pants' back.

ExtraPile 1773 days ago

Black Swan,White Swan and JOKER SWAN,she resembles someone famous from the last quarter of the 1900's

Lynner2010_O 1773 days ago

Danggggg. Haha.

RavenHura 1773 days ago


elinor_lngnmn 1773 days ago

its not that nice outfit lol!~~,

dobbs1969 1773 days ago

NIce outfit

capricorn1226 1773 days ago

it's the efforts that outweighs the performance, at least she tried