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Mmhmmm, what @pejvahdat is REALLY like on set! :0)

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2081 days ago

Mmhmmm, what is REALLY like on set! :0)


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boothluv92 2072 days ago

haha is that Emily Deschanel getting involved?

mouseyjess 2073 days ago

tee hee hee, great pictures. They all made me smile.

AMScheev1 2074 days ago

Love the "fake accent guy"!

morningsofgold 2079 days ago

don't fight! You're both pretty!

MrsNCIS 2080 days ago


eesperas 2080 days ago

They are always hilarious together! Remember nun-chucks!

LivBreatheEnjoy 2081 days ago


sophiat71 2081 days ago

yikes! :0

michily 2081 days ago

poor Hodgins...LOL

StLouisMan2 2081 days ago

King of the lab battle?

GeoffMcCarthy 2081 days ago

Love Amy trying to stop the insanity!! haha

Bruna_Rush 2081 days ago

Who is the king of the lab now? Haha.

MrsBoreanaz 2081 days ago

Lmfao, god I love Bones. :)))

DontcallmeKeys 2081 days ago

Conspiracy theory 101 again Hodgins!!!????

naatab 2081 days ago

King of the lab!

MartaconH 2081 days ago

Wow, Jajaja, what do you do Hodgins....?

jessy_erin 2081 days ago

It's Emily Deschanel ?

EFMandelik 2081 days ago

Haha! I knew it! is the real 'King of the Lab'! Sorry TJ.

RebeccaLilac 2081 days ago

you can take him! LOL

JLoveJamieFan 2081 days ago

Are you sure that isn't a rehearsal for an episode, LOL