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Are you ready 4 this vampire battle belt? #ThisEpisodeSucks #Psych

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1943 days ago

Are you ready 4 this vampire battle belt? #ThisEpisodeSucks #Psych


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SLHPemberton 1939 days ago

Way to accessorize! ;)

pbghgirl 1942 days ago

its just so ghostbusters. i can see gus creating this!

PsychO_Jen 1943 days ago

Oh man. Someone is prepared! Thanks, for sharing. I'm gonna love having you on twitter. #Psych and Gus fan for life!

cdreimer 1943 days ago

Personally, I would go for a croquet mallet for both vampires AND zombies. :P

Tinkerbell56125 1943 days ago

Yes we are ready

dd_renee 1943 days ago

i was thinking the same thing. isn't it supposed 2 B a stake? that's a meat tenderizer.

METHAP1 1943 days ago

Tell me somebody will be wearing a Letterman jacket in this episode...can't wait!

RandomPenguin 1943 days ago

What is that mallet thing for, exactly? Is that in place of a wooden stake?

octobereve 1943 days ago

zomg, if there's a buffy reference this ep, I'm Psych's for life...wait, I already am.

jack_jack62192 1943 days ago

this episode gets more and more interesting, the more you keep sending photos!!

EDog_Duncan 1943 days ago

nice lol can't wait 4 the ep

Captain_Proton 1943 days ago

haha I love the holy water container

CharlyNeu 1943 days ago

are you catholic or evangelic?

pbghgirl 1943 days ago

whats up with the meat tenderizer? LOL Is that what it is?

GinnySweeney 1943 days ago

You're going to do 'Supernatural' jokes on the show? xD

franklygeri 1943 days ago

That's great!

jedipirate 1943 days ago

...But where are the stakes?

Caitlin_Sayre 1943 days ago

Haha! I just saw the jesus fish on the sigg bottle!

Caitlin_Sayre 1943 days ago

Of course Gus would have this. Of course.