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My cute Sasquatch

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2036 days ago

My cute Sasquatch


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MattDilaurent 1113 days ago

Lovely Sasquatch ....

LILIEsk 1980 days ago

awww he's incredible cute^^i'm in love♥I want to pinch his snout and kiss his sweet face^^

Marija_Fenty 2030 days ago

Aww he's sooo adorable! :) <3

Oliwera_Ostojic 2030 days ago

awwww....So cute ♥

MarieEdwards429 2033 days ago

looks like a little bear cub. so adorable :)

Pink_birrd 2036 days ago

Ha! Cutie! Great name for such a little dog!

alittlecupofme 2036 days ago

how beautiful!!

British_Pixie 2036 days ago

Is that a dog or a fox?

Jenpinkuncsyr 2036 days ago

So cute happy she has a home

Lady_Sexpot 2036 days ago

:)))))))) aawww muah

BionicJen77 2036 days ago

Cute. We call my uncle sasquatch.

MelanieRaven 2036 days ago

really cute! What a sweet face! :)

LuuHalliwell 2036 days ago

awww my! Sasquatch is so adorable ^_^

char_charmedfan 2036 days ago

aww bless that beautifull face ;) x

AlyyyGx 2036 days ago

Soo adorable!!!

flery_s 2036 days ago

so incredible cute :P :P :P love love love him!!!!! wanna squeeze him :P so adorable

baptistepiriou 2036 days ago

Oh god!! I want the same. She's ADOOOOORABLE.

MuttLewis 2036 days ago

There's trouble brewing in those big brown eyes :)

MartaCorada 2036 days ago


AdriAnnieBell 2036 days ago

How adorable!! What kind of dog is that?