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1616 days ago


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Baileex3 1553 days ago

Undertaker is beast.
I love your drawing, pretty awesome! :)

muhammaddavoody 1577 days ago

Great , I'm lookin' for his return

CarloosHuerta 1595 days ago


patodrouet 1606 days ago

So in March 30 you knew exactly what was going to happen in WM27, soothsayer! Nice draw!

JustinCanadian 1608 days ago

I agree with Archer! you captured the essence of taker in a drawing. not only the best there is, but a damn good artist too!

frankystuff 1608 days ago

This is a great drawing! I wonder who is going 2 face the Undertaker @ #wm28

Sakurawantmusic 1608 days ago

thats my favourite really..i´m a big fan from the Undertaker♥ and yes i can´t say anymore ;)

its_VK 1614 days ago

it's deadman so......don't do just die

AngieGarcia0925 1614 days ago

Amazing drawing as always Bret, I agree with u 19-0!

abhayedge 1615 days ago

awesome drawing bret!!!! i m lovin it!!! but hhh will win 18-1

candiroxii1963 1615 days ago

great picture where is the'' R.I.P'' lol but you capture him well ;;) love it 19-O

archer1986 1615 days ago

bret why dont you try and start doing ur own comics ud be gud who agrees

SoulFlawless 1615 days ago

Really Awesome ! Great Job Bret :) does that mean your pick for Wrestlemania XXVII it's 19-0?

Monja999 1615 days ago

A really great picture! I'll keep my fingers crossed for him! That's really awesome!

angie160482 1615 days ago

Awesome!You should really think about putting all that stuff into a book one day...

Hitgirl1982 1615 days ago

That looks awesome again, Bret. Take care of you Bret. Warm greetings from Germany.

WonderfulJoBros 1615 days ago

Oh man, I like the drawing but not the 19-0 my friend :) HHH is ending it, sorry 18-1

Real_DanielL 1615 days ago

You are one hell of an artist...♥

Survivalism 1615 days ago

19-0. You are correct, sir.

peterpcuser 1615 days ago

Great drawing Hitman 19-0.If Triple H can't end the streak,do you think anyone else can?