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Excuse me?!?!

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2009 days ago

Excuse me?!?!


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ResorteCuarto 1983 days ago

Give it to your wife

scxrl3t 1986 days ago

...or to your mother in my case lol

IamBelieberBabe 1997 days ago

godness :D

lyssabear6711 1997 days ago

ohhhhh noooooooo

jen4255 1997 days ago

hahaha..my brothers clothes SHOULD have these labels coz I'm sick of doing his laundry

empressbel 1998 days ago

What brand is this shirt? i wanna get one just for the fun of having one......hahahahahaha!!!

lady9bug 2001 days ago

Absolutely NOT!!!!! Women have just as many rights as men, and do NOT have to be their slaves.

Breeann245 2003 days ago

hahahahaha thats funny. Ellen your the funniest person i know.

2badgirl1234 2003 days ago

it's not the wife job

MoniqueBajouka 2004 days ago


BugzyBlack 2004 days ago

Dope!!! lol

emmawegdam 2004 days ago

wtf xd this is not normal! ;p

Gishtar 2004 days ago

realy, realy epic indeed XD

LittleTXMonster 2004 days ago


sweet_hunnybee 2005 days ago

LMFAO!!! <3 THIS!!!

liesbeth1972 2005 days ago


JettNetti8 2005 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA LMBO xD hey hey hey!!! HUSBANDS can do it 2!!!! xD

YoutubeLovatic 2005 days ago


sandferginecrux 2005 days ago

hahah :)

niksaur 2006 days ago