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what a weirdo cat

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1780 days ago

what a weirdo cat


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Ultrafem 1779 days ago


Passeriform 1779 days ago

It doesn't trust you.

cdtpenguin 1780 days ago

"beh" is the best cat sound effect ever

greatjoebivins 1780 days ago

It cut off my little short story but the end wasn't that great anyway. I'm no M. Night Shyamalan.

greatjoebivins 1780 days ago

You wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Your room is dark. As if from far away, drifting in from another time and place, you hear a sound: "Beh." You look...the Wilfred Brimley cat is outside your window, staring you down. You can't go back t

MarikTBone 1780 days ago

Hahaha! that is the best depiction of a Wilfred Brimley cat face ever.

_honeywild_ 1780 days ago

Ahhhhaha!! I LOVE the look on this cat's face.

AlysonChicago 1780 days ago

I'm pretty sure that cat is an incarnation of Wilfred Brimley.