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To all you Jordanians out there, this made my day. A truly great Jordanian talent! #WeAreAllJo

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1217 days ago

To all you Jordanians out there, this made my day. A truly great Jordanian talent! #WeAreAllJo


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tariqafiya 1197 days ago

God bless Jordan

marwanmmz 1205 days ago

This is a reason why i Love Jordan ! Jordan 1st ;D

Queen_Rania 1213 days ago

So happy I live in my palace and away from that. I own copyright privileges!

hokeshuler 1214 days ago

Do you really think Queen Rania is writing on this site? Just wondering.

hokeshuler 1214 days ago

You MUST protect Jordan from those within that would harm it. Protection comes from individuals!

sama_shine 1214 days ago

jordan is my love <3<3

MinorityVoices 1215 days ago

As someone who isn't genetically Jordanian, I just joined your twitter QueenRania and must I say, I am with you a 100%~ Love, unity, helping hand is what the world needs. not just love but Love + action =) You have my full support =) check out my blogs, o

LucinaxMonster 1215 days ago

Jordan <3 !

aseel_leesa 1215 days ago


hokeshuler 1216 days ago

Take joy in that which is different about you. If unity is your goal, those differences make you strong

hebasea 1216 days ago

God bless Jordan and the Hashemite family.

Georgi29 1216 days ago

Let the Jordanians people FREE IN ALL. Jordanian peoples KNOW what they WANT, dont UNDERESTIMATE THEM.

maramkmyfrm 1216 days ago

hand by hand we can cross the bridge

Tear82 1216 days ago

I Love jordan

safe place in this Ground.. .

Je_twittes 1217 days ago


ehabkanani 1217 days ago

your Majesty this should be our national spirit, we are all for Jordan, i like it and support it .God bless Jordan and the Hashemite family.

samir7222244 1217 days ago

YM. United we stand! Hope this will be the outcome for us and generations to come. Its sweet to have such genuine love and caring

drnawal 1217 days ago

from dr nawal to Jordanian people: all the Jordanian must love their country and forget any conflict between each other as who live in Jordan is Jordanian.

leoalgerino13 1217 days ago

to all jordanian poepIe i wish for you the best all the time.

alljordanHKJ 1217 days ago

In Jordan we are all one,Women & Men,Muslims & Christians,Old & Young,South to North & west to East