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Here's a much more respectable photo w @Gloriaestefan at my show. We both have our tops on & everything!

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1654 days ago

Here's a much more respectable photo w at my show. We both have our tops on & everything!


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ChelleVaz 1629 days ago

YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER! Love you, Glorita, my idol, and you, sexy Kathy, kill me!

ViviKFirestone 1652 days ago

Oh My!!!! Need to "Borrow" this pic...Fanfckingtastic!!!!!

seeker567 1653 days ago

One more thing you two look marvolous

seeker567 1653 days ago

This isn't orginal, I really enjoy your stuff. If you ever make it Oakcreek, Wi. I'll have
the tequilla poured

Berto_OnLine 1653 days ago

Lovley!!! : )

HighflyingRaven 1654 days ago

looks like the crack diet Kat so convenitly said Lohan was on is working 4 her pretty good.

lauramyster 1654 days ago

Awesome but I still respect the topless one! Balls-out #Katheter Style.

oneluuv 1654 days ago

Not you were ever big, but you look so skinny here!

Mezo0o 1654 days ago


OscarLari90 1654 days ago

Latin Pride!!!!!!

Balzgal 1654 days ago


DaveCombs72 1654 days ago

You still look smokin' hot!Keepin' your clothes on is hard to do,i see why!lol

Fancier2 1654 days ago

Yes it is with the both of you looking great. And you with that impish smile.

HspncElvis 1654 days ago

I saw the first one. Now I'm all out of Jergens. =(

GeneLand 1654 days ago

awesome pic!

stevienicksnews 1654 days ago

YES you have your Kath-eter shirt on! Nice. Next time flash a Stevie Nicks shirt please. DO IT!

michellianna 1654 days ago

muy bonito :)

BillPalmerPR 1654 days ago

2 Hotties!...missed the other one you removed ;(

Will_Dees 1654 days ago

No, I think I prefer the other pic. Both of you should whip your shirts off. On stage. For Jesus.

BDDishere 1654 days ago

HOT!!! Too bad I missed the other pic before you took it down...