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My demonic 2 year old Bluesy LaRue is trying to steal my gig as best villain. Help.

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1886 days ago

My demonic 2 year old Bluesy LaRue is trying to steal my gig as best villain. Help.


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marietyl 1832 days ago

Oh My!!! She could be Renesme!! what a gorgeous little one, Beautiful xx

wedsongadelha07 1857 days ago

how cute

Susie_Ch 1857 days ago

she is beautiful

amandajf80 1873 days ago

Awe! She's so cute! Look at those cheeks!

justinsrecovery 1881 days ago

She is a cutee ;)

mcjmonzon 1882 days ago

i donĀ“t believe it, she is beautiful !

hmj47 1884 days ago

Too cute Billy they grow so very quickly!give her 10 yrs. then the fun will really start. I know from experience, at age two, we decided NOT to have any more. would not trade her for anything.

maryaliceblack 1886 days ago

Hahah, aww so funny and cute! :D Thanks for sharing Billy! I can't wait for see you in "Red Riding Hood" April 15 here in Spain! :) xoxo

SarahSchmidt80 1886 days ago

Beautiful! Got one the same age and gives the same look...could be scary in 13yrs!

achievegr8ness 1886 days ago

She is so adorable, Billy :)

curiousbutterfl 1886 days ago

You've got to run for your money! She may have you beat out with her cuteness. LOL

Hyva1 1886 days ago

Sweet tiny girl!

Angeldolphin01 1886 days ago

Beware the cute one!

vlc130 1886 days ago

Too wicked in the most adorable way possible!

RebaJane 1886 days ago

Evil in the cutest way possible! That makes her even more evil!

Reading_Mama 1886 days ago

Absolutely adorable

AncientSprite 1886 days ago

She is way too cute, and I hope you manage to spoil her the way she needs to be!!

SWARNIMAagarwal 1886 days ago

I wonder why Summit Din't cast her as Renesmee. She's so cute. :)

SWARNIMAagarwal 1886 days ago

She's is surely a winner.. in a lovely and cute villain category... LOL !

MJHarleyGirl 1886 days ago

She couldn't be demonic, she's way too cute.