Wil Wheaton


I'm just this guy, you know?

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2154 days ago


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theicemage 2153 days ago

Why is Wil F'ing Wheaton so blue? 8(

Delenn326 2153 days ago

I made them, and they are cookies. Just a little foodcoloring for effect.

melissab610 2153 days ago

Man - you get all the cool stuff!

Misstreated_ca 2153 days ago

Sheldon would be so happy :)

JJadziaDax 2153 days ago

kind of awesome like your william f ing shatner story :) though it does look like it's made of a smurf

BiteUpdotcom 2154 days ago

Who made you those? Little odd for a gift...

rainbowkitty74 2154 days ago

R those cookies?

JulieAnnHolden 2154 days ago

Nah, muppets. Don't you know they're delicious? (See: "The State" Season 2, Episode 2.)

Jellyfiddles 2154 days ago

What the Hell are they made out of? Smurfs?

KimRandallCox 2154 days ago


sdsb110 2154 days ago


LaDocValbuena 2154 days ago

just dont be a dick, that's easy!

meepinalong 2154 days ago

awe that's sweet i think