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Just arrived at Sear's. See you all soon!

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1462 days ago

Just arrived at Sear's. See you all soon!


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BabyGurl_25_ 1445 days ago

LOL littlegreybeing nice one ♡

LittleGreyBeing 1445 days ago

Check the guy in the front wearing the grey jumper, he looks pleased to see you lol

danilu061090 1459 days ago


yaiir_loops 1459 days ago

OMG I'm a Paris' mexican fan

RMattos_ 1460 days ago

haha love it.

KAUEMENEGHELLI 1460 days ago

Welcome to Mexico! :)

tianait 1460 days ago

k then, I take back the bad words, but she never ordered that, I was there

vanessa_inaho 1461 days ago

wow! so many people!!!!

belen_newsdemi 1461 days ago

is the besth and i love her line shoes and pink water bottle jajaja!!!

valemuniiz 1461 days ago


peekla83 1461 days ago

TIANAIT... dont take it as i said that to u personally... ffs.... thats wut I THINK and it should definitely b respected, as i respect ur very own point of view... u have no sense of plurality, really... open ur mind hun. as for the gift thing... here in

Pi0ggia 1461 days ago

Huge, come in France please!

america4life_02 1461 days ago

funny pic =)

tianait 1461 days ago


tianait 1461 days ago

she never asked for the bottle stupid fucks, it was a gidt. get well informed please

Friday94 1461 days ago

Lol that guy at the very end trying to hold up his camera kinda makes me laugh.

mickserg 1462 days ago

I was there Paris love u xoxo!!!

duhpaulina 1462 days ago

I love you Paris you are someone to look up to .

sunstar60680 1462 days ago

Great work Paris :)

MadAsUrie 1462 days ago

My Friend is there too!! :D