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Stack it, or throw it right in the far place.

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1618 days ago

Stack it, or throw it right in the far place.


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diamondlover2 1616 days ago

hahahahahahahaha. far enough.

taylabray 1616 days ago

has anyone noticed the wizard bear yet!!!!

JaySharky 1616 days ago

I'm surprised they didn't spell it 'farwood fur sale'

terryshilo 1617 days ago

Signs like this are extremely common in Virginia. They had me laughing on many occasions.

getttingangry 1617 days ago


ExtraPile 1617 days ago

SNATCH the movie-with brad pitt,jason statham -people speaking barely understandable english

bethsabookworm 1617 days ago

That is an actual pronunciation of the word fire in my Tribe's dailect. The Lumbee tribe of NC has a very distinct dialect of English; wherein, ire, air, words are pronounced w/ a ar sound. You come off a little holier than thou on this one, Ellen. Not ev

alovan08 1617 days ago

Ha! Just like the sign near where I live that says "We except EBT" fantastic!

SuzeeX51 1617 days ago

Hey isn't that Larry the Cable Guys place??? ......Sorry Larry, just kidding LOL

jklfarley 1618 days ago

that is too funny... I hope they are kidding?

loadingoats 1618 days ago

I travel to the town that has this sign often. its not in Tennessee, its in Texas, in a sorta big city at that. Oh man.

TiApple_2 1618 days ago


ThisIsSarahRose 1618 days ago

that must be in Tennessee.... Mmm... oh us....

season4dreaming 1618 days ago

I don't even have to go "far" to get wood, I live in a forest, lots of fallen trees to use.

Whistler2417 1618 days ago

That far wood belongs 'over yonder'.

Leauna 1618 days ago

'Far' is 'fire' with a deep south-ish accent (firewood) & 'fer' = for

LinaMar95 1618 days ago

Would someone explain this to me?! I'm not from the US.. Please, I really want to get it!!

BieberxIrigoyen 1618 days ago


Epileptic1122 1618 days ago


zugzug2020 1618 days ago

Its frightning to think they use firewood Lol