Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.

Made a Britney joke, then a door hit me. God's on Britney's side. Not mine. Got it.

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2035 days ago

Made a Britney joke, then a door hit me. God's on Britney's side. Not mine. Got it.


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thelyingspirit 1975 days ago

If only/queen of the stone age ;)

thelyingspirit 1975 days ago

Black communications

thelyingspirit 1975 days ago

Y do u ppl thnk dey knw me,when we
Persnally neva fuc'n met,... but Olive,.. I've met,... understand?

thelyingspirit 1983 days ago

But let this b a lesson to ur sexy ass! ;)

thelyingspirit 1983 days ago

I apologize for embarassing u da last cuople days..

BigBri13 1996 days ago

Awww thats sucks , feel bad but still looking beautiful girl rock on

ellatti 2014 days ago

Oh, this just happens!

OOmpa38 2018 days ago

No if any of you are sad is cause of me now be an accident and log off. Like my cold pistol, its 8mm

mrayhand 2021 days ago


MrDickieToYou 2026 days ago

Best part of this picture...Still no ring on that finger... !CHANCE!

thelyingspirit 2033 days ago

..but of spiritual things. I absolutely love you in this picture!!...And your kitchen!! Oh shit!!

thelyingspirit 2033 days ago

My apologies Ms. Munn and I can assure you that God is not on a side of temporal nor carnal things..

RowdySilvers18 2033 days ago

U r so pretty! Ur better than Britney anyway. U want me to kiss ur booboo? Because I would :) luv u.

HelbillyHoundog 2033 days ago

yea but you should see the door!....cause...ya see its like you had a fight....with the door...*sigh*

2sexy4allc 2034 days ago

Didn't I tell you, that last slice of peach cobbler was mine? ..... What?
j.k. luv ya... where's the effin orange juice ? :)

Sugitori 2034 days ago


Ben0112 2034 days ago

REALLY?!? Kooky.

DLDX 2034 days ago

Awwww, let me give you a big hug! #NYOMFG

A_One_Wright 2034 days ago

Well, at least I didn't have to tell you twice.

IKiraI 2034 days ago

ow can i make this sound not robot-ish