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You see me...seeing you...seeing me #Psych #youknowthatsright

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1240 days ago

You see me...seeing you...seeing me #Psych #youknowthatsright


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The0ldMan 1240 days ago

lol, dude, you look like Jemaine Clement, just need the glasses.

VentusAstrum 1240 days ago

Hahaha! Love it! My first reaction was - Mod Squad?

SpawnOfInsanity 1240 days ago

Dude, I want your hair. Like, nao. ♥

pbghgirl 1240 days ago

wow! the hair.

morgan_feddes 1240 days ago

You grow hair at an amazingly speedy rate.

LynnieKae 1240 days ago

haha, this is very "Uncle Burton" from his younger Good Times days.

RandomPenguin 1240 days ago

Bahaha what the heck? I don't even...!

sosyourfacee 1240 days ago

omg this is the best thing ever

PsychO_Jen 1240 days ago

Gus with an afro, should I be worried? Lol. #psych

Lovellama 1240 days ago

The sexay oozes through my monitor across my desk...

jack_jack62192 1240 days ago

you realize there is a fuzzy black cat on your head, dont you?!! jk LOL

penguiin_status 1240 days ago

loveeeeeee it! :)

Meg__KC 1240 days ago

Gustor! Lol!

redwriterblugrl 1240 days ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttt!!!! HILARIOUS

mattie523 1240 days ago

lol #Psych