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Day 2 #Psych Let's go Niners!!!

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2009 days ago

Day 2 #Psych Let's go Niners!!!


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dorkalecki 2007 days ago

But why is Roday giving us the finger? O_o

EDog_Duncan 2007 days ago

I love you and Mr.Roday

sethreagan 2009 days ago

Awesome, Dule! I didn't know you were a Niners fan!

redwriterblugrl 2009 days ago

is James flipping the bird!!!! LOL

amf1326 2009 days ago

No way go packers! Lol love the show. Keep up the great work!

VentusAstrum 2009 days ago

Nice pic of you and James! Like your jacket.

SandSpenceBell 2009 days ago

Love the pic Dule Thanks for Sharing I love u and james my 2 fav actors wish I could meet u guys someday!! You are the funniest guys on Television!!!

Kurisuki 2009 days ago


LadyNiko 2009 days ago

Cold and wet... love the Pac NW for the scenery but am so ready for SPRING! :)

pbghgirl 2009 days ago


RandomPenguin 2009 days ago

:D Love this! But man oh man it looks cold! Suddenly very grateful for San Diego weather :)

zertoum 2009 days ago

Nice Pic!!!!!

DaisyKary 2009 days ago

Two of my favorite people!!!! <3

GIOdoinWORK 2009 days ago

Best show ever man, thanks for the pic

gersfanatic 2009 days ago

look forward to seeing more photos. Will be great seeing some of Van

GinnySweeney 2009 days ago

Awesome, thanks! :D

Chuck_Sarah 2009 days ago

Excuse me, but is James giving it the middle finger?? xD

MartRJ 2009 days ago

Badass, but it looks really cold! Also I thought you were flipping us off.

MoonCat74 2009 days ago

GREAT pic! Thanks, Dule!

_shiner_1 2009 days ago