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Timeless Paranoia, enjoy :3

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1980 days ago

Timeless Paranoia, enjoy :3


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LeathalKnight 1869 days ago

Another awesome one.

RokuEA 1976 days ago


parkex2 1979 days ago

yes you are

LordSlayR 1979 days ago

Much better!

AQWNaTra 1980 days ago

I think you are abusing glow, it look not bad, unique

milesmeloro 1980 days ago

Pretty nice, Ganloth. If you still want to send me the .FLA, I can animate certain parts for you.

Lost_Affinity 1980 days ago

very interesting concept, kinda reminds me of hex of miltonius. very cool

Sothe_AE 1980 days ago

thats epic xD

AQWDrakonus 1980 days ago

ur style is leaning towards miltonius

MrKouza 1980 days ago

Sickest horns I've ever seen!

Shallhallan 1980 days ago


LorentzVX 1980 days ago

It looks like... Assassin's creed from an undead future! 8D Hella epic. :3

Weelyam_ 1980 days ago

Omg dats too hawt. The concept, and all.

veneeria 1980 days ago

too much propaganda lol

Multiniuz 1980 days ago


nonpownerAE 1980 days ago


mturf 1980 days ago

reminds me of something i'd see in a shin megami tensei game. ver' nice

XyoArts 1980 days ago

Dude that's sick!!!! Keep on creating! :D

AQWChaosRave 1980 days ago

I'm dying from envy here.

DeltaCactuarAQW 1980 days ago

Wewt! Still awesome! :D