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Big day tomorrow. Thank goodness my hotel room is stocked with @DreamWater. Sweet dreams everyone.

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1863 days ago

Big day tomorrow. Thank goodness my hotel room is stocked with . Sweet dreams everyone.


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BeliDVillaverde 1576 days ago

?? esto existe?

LuisSchizo 1816 days ago

i woULd oNLy paY foR luCid dreAms thE reSt aRE aboUt yoU..

ChineseChooChoo 1819 days ago

I heard this stuff is made in a Chinese factory where they produce lead ingots and fireworks.

KAUEMENEGHELLI 1835 days ago


sigamachado 1845 days ago


miss_moneymaker 1860 days ago

I want to try some.

jerseygrl5682 1861 days ago

i really wanna try it do you know where its sold

LeeLandoWahalla 1862 days ago

I must get myself some of this :O

olympichammer 1862 days ago

you got me restless,you really going to drink all those.:)

mygrickmike 1862 days ago

= ) really dream¡¡

beauregardclagh 1863 days ago

Even has a picture of a dreamcatcher to ease you into the land of dreams!

sunstar60680 1863 days ago

Who know ? Maybe Smart Water H2O will meet Dream Water and by the fusion through Kukulcan they will save the World b4 will be to late. Spencer Pratt could be a positive catalyst but we will need yet a promoters.

BellaBarri0 1863 days ago

That's what I'm talkin about Angelbabe !!!

yarniazi 1863 days ago

What this dream water is for what it is use?

yoshio_miura 1863 days ago

I want to taste it once.(≧ω≦)

spelled1986 1863 days ago

dream water like to be a sweet dream^^

LoveBiebs 1863 days ago

Sweet dreams <3

Friday94 1863 days ago

Sounds magical...

YadiraLizbethLD 1863 days ago

Sweet dreams Paris

peteygra1 1863 days ago

Never had that drink, Paris. At least it's not locked in the mini bar in your room, that's a rip-off!