Toby Turner


My name is Toby. I also have a last name, too! I also have a YouTube channel with over A MILLION subscribers, most of which are my mom. I love my fans!


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2076 days ago



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Skadavadia 2075 days ago

Yes Toby...we sucks...look at that individual bar :-)

EvilTaost 2075 days ago

TWO TOBY TURNERS AND A BLUEXEPHOS?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm watching for the four horsemen....

MessareMeepz 2076 days ago

Hey I tweeted this to you a few hours ago hahaha. :D Sweet nectar!

TobyFollower 2076 days ago

It's because your awesome Toby! You'll get even more popular I know it :D

BionicNikos 2076 days ago

Just keep looking awesome! ;D

The_Wezness 2076 days ago

That's a Toby Turner win! ...oh, and I'M A BIRD!!

iMentalist 2076 days ago

Someone Looking a like Popular =)

sxecallan 2076 days ago


ShinjiTomi 2076 days ago

all i need is toby and simon and lewis <33333

Balaczter 2076 days ago

Yay for Toby~~ 8'D

ainjobizz 2076 days ago

Jailbroken FTW!!!

leeroyholmes 2076 days ago

Weird, you're Pillow fight thumbnail looks looks different in this pic
than the actual one

qvvp_AE 2076 days ago

Lmao good job :P

turtleslikei 2076 days ago

double vids all the way across the screen ;)

DemiHogue 2076 days ago

very nice

Rezizard 2076 days ago

Woah. OMG. That sports video is also the most viewed video. Nice find Toby.

lookatnothing 2076 days ago

Hey Whiteboy there I like this pic way better ^_^

adrianotbm 2076 days ago

Wait for Imma Bird to show there too...

TaylorTobuscus 2076 days ago

2 videos?! Awesomeee!

jvadala 2076 days ago

haha Sweet man! good job. fyi, I hit refresh on you video about 150,755 times. just sayin'