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I bet it’s my vibrating bra.

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2079 days ago

I bet it’s my vibrating bra.


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wangixc 2072 days ago

Hahahaha ellan i wonder wat size it z coz its pretty big lol...

JC_RocK 2076 days ago

hahahahahahah hilarious ! #LOL

JaySharky 2077 days ago

China IS cornering the market on WTF.

ReneeComiano 2077 days ago

haha ellen, ur comment is too funny!

chickipoo1 2077 days ago

lmao thats sooo hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ElyzaSanchez7 2077 days ago


mzruizz 2078 days ago


tigresa555 2078 days ago


tpiap1107032 2078 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am new to this so I hope I do this right, I really, really, need one, if you would ship it COD< I sure would appreciate it, I don t have mine anymore............lol(70 this yr,) lol lol hagd day.

Keylime244 2078 days ago

Hahaha! Love ya like a sister Ellen! Maybe I'll get to do an interview with you... Probably isn't gonna happen. But I hope so!

callmenanners 2078 days ago

hah that just made my day!

KuppehKake24 2078 days ago

How long did u have to wait for it??*

xxcrossed 2078 days ago

to funny!

peanutia 2078 days ago

Ellen your hilarious x)

OprahFan080799 2079 days ago

LOL! :-D

TheGagaBiebs 2079 days ago


AGagaholic 2079 days ago

Did send you this? Is she letting you borrow hers? Lend it to me when you're done :)

Mieke79 2079 days ago

Looks like my calender, after monday and tuesday it always says WTF....

perlashka 2079 days ago


keithurbanfan12 2079 days ago

Can i get one too ? lol