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Poor dog was born with no eyes!

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1369 days ago

Poor dog was born with no eyes!


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juanapoleze 1360 days ago

ownn, so cute, poor dog, but adorable!

ShirlWMd 1365 days ago

OMG,looks like my babygirl Annie,so gorgeous! I miss her alot. R.I.P.

lizzmccann 1368 days ago

Did this puppy find a home?

megjhart 1368 days ago

The dog is still adorable x beautiful dog

fullauto10 1368 days ago

Lighten up? So idiots like that can continue to breed!!! I have 4 dogs of my own. 3 of which are in my arms. The other works with me 4 nights a week.

KNH1975 1368 days ago

awe he is still cute hope he knows that

Sunnyblu0303 1369 days ago

Awww hope he finds a forever home very soon.

elvislove21 1369 days ago

Awwwwww the poor baby!!!

DRAGONLEE29 1369 days ago

Feel bad for him...very cute. And lighten up fullauto10!

Adaliabrand8 1369 days ago

Poor cute little dog!!!

sweetoctober67 1369 days ago

she goes up and down stairs. :)

DanaJag 1369 days ago

awww poor doggy. :( still VERY cute!

sweetoctober67 1369 days ago

I have a blind dog, she was born like that.. There sight is like there 5th sense.
I was worried when we took her to the vet, Wondering how she would get around.
Like a pro, she plays with my Yorkies.. She does not bark because she can't see.
She goes

fullauto10 1369 days ago

OMG! Did the dumb ass just ask "How does the dog see then"!REALLY!! It has no eyes!!! Thats a pretty good indicator that it probably doesen't! Cute lil dog!

clintym 1369 days ago

how does it see then? sad face crying 8:(

leetje78 1369 days ago

that's so sad! but stil a very, vey cute doggie! :)

kellie55555 1369 days ago

please take good care of it he really needs someone who can love him

Jason_Bibb 1369 days ago

lol hair just like Charlie

DizzyDaisy2 1369 days ago

I thought it was when I saw the hair...who was born with no soul.

InboxUtah 1369 days ago

has a good sniffer though