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My name is Toby. I also have a last name, too! I also have a YouTube channel with over A MILLION subscribers, most of which are my mom. I love my fans!

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Me and @mysteryguitarm appreciating art

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1204 days ago

Me and appreciating art


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qvvp_AE 1203 days ago

Guitatman looks a little drunk :P toby looks like hes saying Arrrrrr in a piraty way :P

bazuka7 1203 days ago

epic faces :D

harrowbits 1204 days ago

yah Toby's an elf! though I don't know who's with xD

kourtneyjo 1204 days ago

Toby, kinda has pointy ears. I just noticed.

XxConmystroxX 1204 days ago

ARE THOSE DARKNESS AND REDNESS DESIGNER WALL TILES BEHIND YOU??? oh yeah and his epic face is lacking your level of epic :/ meh

alectronex 1204 days ago

im sorry, i do not see mystery guitar man in this photo. is he perhaps standing behind the man with eyes?

kj1111123 1204 days ago

lol It's strange seeing him without glasses. Also, I'm going to use Toby's expression in my grad pic.

thiskidglows 1204 days ago


caio_Oz 1204 days ago

Sweet lord of sun glassesness. It's like "Twilight Zone" (and i'm not talking about the book/movie)

graaceXernst 1204 days ago

the art looks like swiss cheese squares to me... lovely faces btw ;) you'll get all the ladies

thatmikepappas 1204 days ago

you seem confused

Sffarlenn_net 1204 days ago

Sunnies off? What sort of evil parallel universe have you brought the Audience into!?

unlucky66613 1204 days ago

firsr? and nice