We can be friends.

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MinaRockett 1907 days ago

monday - thursday 12.95, Friday - sunday & holidays 12.95... hmm how bout one that says 12.95 everyday

TangyWangyful 2178 days ago

Bubble tea! :)

flowerchild1013 2479 days ago

i can't deal with the tapioca balls! i end up with just a mouth full of them then i can't chew them lol.

mack0520 2540 days ago


mack0520 2540 days ago


freshferlyfe 2650 days ago

looove asian food

stefankuester2 2659 days ago

the best thing to do, is go to this place and ask for a straight cup of bubbles.

chickdr4m4 2661 days ago

Looks like taro flavoured bubble tea

ordinaray 2665 days ago

hahaah looks yummy ;p
i love that drinkk

emeraldluh 2669 days ago

LOL (: so cool tap ex?

genechan2009 2669 days ago

yaaa! bbt ftw!!! lol

Azn_Sensation 2670 days ago

he's chinese and i lub bubble tea....Azn much?!?

JohnBakes 2670 days ago

Is Kevin Korean? OR......umm.....Japanese?
Some tell me please.:) Always wondered it.

ShaeneAnn 2670 days ago

lol Spam Musubi & boba!!! loveee it (:

teringuyen 2670 days ago

i LOVE boba and spam misubi :)

asianngurl 2670 days ago

bubble tea (:

iceycandycane 2670 days ago

Mmm bubble tea :D

TheNameZac 2671 days ago

Lawls, I can tell that you like tapioca. YUM!

irees 2671 days ago

ohmygosh, is that spam musubi and chicken katsu?! YUMM! dang, that makes me want to make some now. ^^ it's good that i bought nori today and have a house with an overflowing stock of spam!

iHeartNancy 2671 days ago

whoa this looks very familiar!!