Marshall Mathers


I'm not afraid.

It's 3 a.m. and here I come so you should probably run.

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2675 days ago

It's 3 a.m. and here I come so you should probably run.


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islongercursed 1473 days ago
pw is your fav " 10 digit " word.

Bec211986 1766 days ago

If you were coming my way at 3am in the morning or anytime at all, i would be running, but not away lol.

mvitoriaf 1807 days ago


cbeachbarbie 1816 days ago

hahaha thats sooooo funny. bet u love trick or treat.

chale413 1826 days ago

your blood curdling screams just dont seem to bother me none

Tmacc7 1838 days ago

if you were in my presence, the last thing i would do is run. 1st thing? faint.

rihlover4life 1951 days ago

hahaha coool :D

Thesweetdeath_ 1951 days ago

Come to Kill me 4MillionStans

OnlyGirl_x 1951 days ago

4MillionStans ♥

BelleSarsSara 1962 days ago

Its not scary in fact you are NOT scary! you are just Sexy :) too sexyyyy haha

ThisUserIsAStan 1963 days ago

hey yo Em! if u want it u can kill me ma boo haha seriously i wanna be ur victim <3

becca_TS 1963 days ago

LOL scary.<3

monika_lowely_ 1978 days ago

I want kill me (nod) :D Marshall <3

nicwar_ 2005 days ago

I <3 Eminem

yabbygabriel 2010 days ago

damn we all love u SLIM SHADY

HeyLetLiveAgain 2012 days ago


MIATOTHAESSIG 2020 days ago


FuckYesEminem 2033 days ago

run towards you..

Joya_01 2045 days ago

Oh come and get me. Drink my blood. Haha

katya_happy_ 2047 days ago

eminem the best yo