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I got it! #psych fam back 2gether again. Roday,Hill ,Lawson,Omundson, Harthan AND@KristySwansonXO !!! What! Here we go!

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1979 days ago

I got it! #psych fam back 2gether again. Roday,Hill ,Lawson,Omundson, Harthan AND !!! What! Here we go!


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pattimalone 1976 days ago

Y'all are lookin' fiiiiiiine.

quixoticash 1976 days ago

OMG. Look at how freaking adorable Tim looks! Awwwwwwww!! <3

annieemanniee 1977 days ago

cooooool. i just downloaded some eps of the first season of psych so i'm hoping to catch up in time for the new season! have fun filming!

LynnieKae 1977 days ago

What a great photo! Can't wait!

SapphyreBird 1977 days ago

So exciting! Absolutely cannot wait for the new season!!

ddamato88 1978 days ago

Oh my gosh, I can't wait for Psych! *squeal!!!* <3

batmanspazz 1979 days ago

I couldn't be MORE psyched at this moment for the new #psych season. Wait...now I can't.

HiWatsHerFace 1979 days ago

Now THAT is delicious flavor.

bookwrm89gla 1979 days ago

Woohoo! Great pic. I can't wait to see the next season!

Cellobean 1979 days ago


christinerawr7 1979 days ago

This is the perfect 1000th tweet, Congrats! So glad to see the cast....oh, the anticipation!

KrystalBall 1979 days ago

NGL Omundson's looking kinda hot there. :P

CaitlinESmith 1979 days ago

I hear that!

pbghgirl 1979 days ago

i love your hat!!!

ssmith_fp 1979 days ago


csandfo 1979 days ago

i agree, maggie's nail polish is really cute! cannot wait for #psych to be back!!!

PsychO_Jen 1979 days ago

So cool!! Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait for #Psych to be back w/new episodes!!

VentusAstrum 1979 days ago

Everyone looks happy & ready to go! Lovely pic, thanks!

franklygeri 1979 days ago

Thanks for sharing this pic! It gives me hope that new eps aren't far off :D

GrayMatter16 1979 days ago

Greatest show ever made. Cant wait for the new season.